Our licensed daycare welcomes children between ages 1-3.

We are proud to say that we have provided childcare for almost 15 years. Every year we provide childcare and education to many children who are not from Estonian-speaking families. We have had experiences with children whose parents speak English, French, Italian, Finnish, Russian, etc. From our experience- children learn Estonian faster in the environment where Estonian is mainly used.

We value good quality primary education and a safe and stable environment. Our daily plan includes breakfast, different organized and integrated activities (music, pre-math, sports, environment, language, etc), outdoor play, lunch, nap time, pre-dinner, individual activities, and free play.  Our planned curriculum is developmentally appropriate for children between ages 1-3. All the children are little own individuals- so we do not forget that when supporting them through their journey.

Our children eat breakfasts, lunches, and pre-dinners that are made by the catering company Mervir. The quality of food is controlled by Estonian Agriculture and Food Board. The menu is sent to parents every week. The caterer offers also special food when needed- meaning they are ready to replace food for the child on the menu if the child’s allergy or other food-related problem is proven by doctors (note from the doctor or something similar). We have had also children in the daycare who have for example been vegan. Then we allowed the parent to bring their own food to the daycare for the child. So everything depends- write us and ask about it!

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NB! If you are interested in a daycare spot- please add info about:

  • personal identification number
  • age of the child 
  • specifics of a needed spot (how many days in a week, preferred days)
  • preferred starting date and possible end date