Our licenced daycare welcomes children between ages 1-3.

We have provided childcare for almost 13 years. Every year we provide childcare and education to many children who are not from Estonian speaking family. We have had experiences with children who or whose parents speak English, French, Italian, Finnish, Russian etc. From our experience- children learn Estonian faster in the environment where Estonian is mainly used.

We value good quality primary education and safe and stable environment. Our daily plan includes breakfast, activities planned by teachers (music, pre math , sports, environment, language), outdoor play, lunch, nap time, pre-dinner, activities and free play and also individual work. Our planned curriculum is developmentally appropriate for children between ages 1-3.

Our children eat nutritional breakfasts, lunches and pre-dinners that are made in the kitchen of Mervir OÜ.

Our teachers and management speak English and Estonian.